May 19, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Site and Market Update

Good Monday morning all! BlogCoinz was originally hosted on and they were ok to start us off. The biggest issue with them is zero support (even though we were on paid service). Well, we just moved over to and the transition was smoother than expected and lots of support. Their servers are faster too which reduces load time of the site (YAY). Let’s take a look at the state of the market.

Market Update

The market as a whole is on the upswing. We have seen BTC pass the 9k mark and most of the market is green for the week. Here are the top 5 coins.

BTC – Bitcoin is at $9,332.38 and down close to 1% from yesterday. A small amount of pullback during a larger period of gains. Bull market is in full swing for now.

ETH – Following big daddy Bitcoin’s lead and creeping back up to the $200 range. Also down 1% for the day.

XRP – Ripples coin XRP stayed pretty even until the end of the week when it had a nice little bump up. Currently just over 25cents a long way from the $589 Ripple fans want.

BCH – Bitcoin Cash is currently at $381.64 and seems to not have any real movement. Flatlined a bit over the last week while not up or down much of anything at this moment.

LTC – Litecoin had a nice boom this week alongside Bitcoin. With that said it has had the biggest pullback this week with a little over 2% for the day. Currently at $69.90 struggling to stay above $70.