October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Amazon Echo Frames

Ok, this is not blockchain or crypto-related but it is a technology and I write about that also so let’s do it!

About a month and a half ago I was invited to join the waiting list for Amazon Echo Frames. As the name suggests, they are glasses frames with Alexa built-in that are currently invitation only but will have a wide release in the near future.


So far they feel great. They are not super bulky and do not feel heavy on my face. The frames are a higher profile than I normally get but not beyond anything that is out of the ordinary for glasses.

The audio quality is great! The beamform when around 60% is low enough that I can hear everything going on around me and still enjoy my music or hear Alexa read off notifications for me.

The touchpad functionality is pretty cool. It takes some getting use to and setting up the VIP notifications was not automatic like I thought and had to be turned on in the app. It wasn’t hard but the directions made it seem like VIP was default setting.

Alexa works well. Sometimes she doesn’t hear me but that could be my voice or me stuttering on her name or something along those lines. Overall she works great and I find Alexa more useful than the other AIs that are in my life currently.

Call quality is also good. I could hear just fine and the person on the other end heard me just fine.


There are not too many cons to this product. I have to get prescription lenses put in and while it would have been super convenient to send Amazon my prescription and have them put in before shipping I understand why they don’t do that. Too much headache for them.

The biggest con is the battery life. The specs say you should get about 3 hours of continuous streaming as the glasses are meant more for everyday notifications, Alexa, and phone calls but I feel this is still too small. They need to get the battery life up to 4-5 hours of continuous streaming. Right now they last about 6 hours with the way I use them.

They also do not adjust very well. The only part of the glasses that are adjustable are the tips near your ears and it makes it a bit hard to get right. I’m sure an optometrist can help get them a little better for me but I would like them to sit tighter on my face.

The last thing that bugs me is the way you charge these glasses. Amazon opted for a magnetic clasp charger instead of a plugin charger. While the charger itself works great its a proprietary charger and thus I can’t just use any cord to charge it. I think it would have made more sense to do USB micro or USB C but there is probably an issue with the amount of space those types of ports take up as they did try to make it as low profile as they could.


So far I love these glasses and can’t wait to have my prescription put in so I can wear them while I’m driving. I can see without glasses but driving becomes an issue so I still use my old glasses to drive with until the prescription is filled. They are great for everyday use and functionally work really well. The battery life is a bit lacking but hopefully, later models will improve upon this.