October 26, 2021


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BTSE has gone from strength to strength since it’s unveiling in September 2018. The cryptocurrency exchange platform offers quick deposits and withdrawals, technical analysis training, index futures trading and a whole host of other features. This article reviews the brand new BTSE token and outlines my top 7 features of the BTSE platform.

The rising cryptocurrency exchange has announced the arrival of a BTSE token – open for public sale on 5th March 2020. The BTSE token is being introduced in order to enhance the user experience of BTSE customers as they use any of their services.

BTSE is the first exchange token running on Liquid, a Bitcoin sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges. This gives BTSE the benefits of confidential trading, fast transactions and inter-exchange settlements.

The Token Specifications

The vital statistics for those interested in purchasing:

Issuance: 200m tokens

Issuing platform: Liquid Network

Public Sale: March 5th 2020, 12m UTC

Initial Price: $2

Max Purchase: 25,000 tokens

Token Utility

The draw of this token is that BTSE offer a lot of incentives for using it. If you are already using the platform to trade, then it really is a no-brainer to use the token to:

  1. Pay your trading fees (save up to 60%). This is my number one feature because it gives a real purpose for actually using the token. Many other cryptocurrency tokens don’t offer any unique benefits to using their token. BTSE token actually offers a valuable reason for the token and genuine benefits for using it. Traders have the option of saving on fees by paying them in the BTSE token. The token gains more and more use and therefore grows in value.
  2. Earn more tokens by trading. BTSE tokens can be earned by trading using the platform. The more you trade, the more you earn.
  3. Increased referral bonus. So long as you refer friends who sign up and use the token, you get increased amount of referral bonus beyond the normal 20%.
  4. Gain exclusive access to campaign and contests.
  5. Enjoy increased limits and rebates on selected services.
  6. Purchase products and services.
  7. Trade on BTSE’s spot market.

You might not yet be using the BTSE platform however. And you might question, why change? In that case, allow me to run through some of the unique benefits I have found with the exchange and why I think it is worth signing up to BTSE exchange.

What is BTSE good for?

In this platform review, I outline my top 7 reasons for using the exchange:

  1. Deposits, withdrawals and settlements
  2. Technical analysis
  3. Referral program
  4. BTSE academy
  5. Deposit Bonus
  6. Reasonable exchange rate
  7. Large order request capacity

1. Deposits, Withdrawals and Settlements

Historical cryptocurrency exchanges could be accused of not offering enough deposit options. BTSE allows deposits in many currencies, including GBP, EUR, USD, JPY, CNY, HKD, SGD and MYR. 100x leverage is also available, allowing users to settle profit in all of the above currencies.

Settlement options are available as SWIFT transfers, crypto assets or conversion from fiat to cryptocurrency and from cryptocurrency to fiat. Settlements occur at a fast, efficient speed.

2. Technical Analysis

BTSE blog regularly hosts technical analysis of experienced BTSE traders. The analysis of these traders is housed by BTSE as a reference point for less-experienced traders, but it does not constitute financial advice. It is a merely a starting point for those that wish to trade but lack the experience in which to do so.

3. Referral Program

BTSE Referral Program allows user to earn 20% of their friend’s trading fees and 10% of friend’s referral earnings. Friend’s also receive 20% fee discount for 30 days. This is a lifetime referral guarantee.

4. BTSE Academy

BTSE academy features a whole host of educational tools. I found it to be a really exciting part of the exchange. Here you can read up on cryptocurrency terms, read the BTSE blog and find technical analysis and tutorials for how to use the exchange.

5. Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is a deal sweetener for those that have a good amount to trade with. Deposit $1000 and receive $100 in trading capital added to your account.

6. Exchange Rates

BTSE has reasonable and reflective buy and sell exchange rates. Comparing them to Coinmarketcap and Blockfolio as well as others, it was obvious that BTSE use an extremely competitive rate, especially when compared to bigger platforms.

7. Order Capacity

BTSE’s Trading Engine can deal with two million order requests per second – surpassing many top exchanges.

Still to Come

The launch of BTSE’s mobile app is imminent and the interface examples look smart, professional and in-keeping with the website platform.


This is a useful exchange. Beginners will enjoy the technical analysis and BTSE academy as well as the simple interface. More experienced traders will be intrigued by the speed of exchanges and the prospect of referral and deposit bonuses.

Relevant Links

Website: https://www.btse.com/thecryptogent

Telegram: https://t.me/btsecom

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTSEcom