August 14, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

A Message from BlogCoinz

Hello readers and thank you for a moment of your time. As a general policy BlogCoinz typically only reports on market-related and crypto/tech issues but in this time of uncertainty, I want to take a moment to remind everyone of rule number one. Don’t Panic!

Currently, we have no clue the full effects of the coronavirus or the damage it can cause, both on our overall health and the health of the economy. We do know it is highly contagious with about a 2 week incubation period and it lasts on surfaces for about 9 days. The virus is not airborne but can travel a few feet before dropping so it is best to distance yourself a few feet from people you are conversing with. Please also take extra precautions in your day to day life. Wash your hands more often and attempt to not touch your face too much. We all touch our face and it’s impossible not to but make a conscious effort not to.

This is something we are all truly in together and we will get through this as a people and species.

Remember, DO NOT PANIC but please take extra precautions. For more information and better understanding please look to WHO, CDC, or your local version of the CDC.

Much love,
Jason AKA Crypto J