May 19, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

COVID-19 Update, Market Health, and Banter.

What’s up everyone. It has been a wild couple weeks. My mindset has gone from panic, to calm, to panic, back to calm more times than I can count. I hope everyone is well and thought it was overdue for a general update. You would think I would have been pumping out content but since this is a one man show writers block got in the way and here we are.

COVID-19 Update.

The United States is now the global leader in the outbreak when it comes to the numbers. Our stopgaps and mitigation did not bend the curve enough. I’m not getting political but I will update you on whats going on here in Michigan. Currently, I’m laid off while the state is only allowing essential workers to continue to work. A good chunk of the state is off for the next couple weeks at least. Our state is also on track to having the highest % growth but its hard to really know because testing is slow across the nation, but getting faster. This of course means the numbers are higher than we realize as tests are backlogged and the virus lasts for so long inside the body. As always, please visit your local resources for updates and what you should be doing to help mitigate this pandemic. Stay at home if you can, wash your hands, and clean commonly touched surfaces often.

Bitcoin Market Update

COVID-19 rocked the world market from stocks to crypto sending Bitcoin into massive losses. Dropping from 8.5k to almost 4k in just a couple days. We have since seen some rebound back to the 6k range and it seems to be holding there for now. With the current state of the world it is hard to say if the trend will continue up after such a massive sell off or if we will see sideways for a while.

What I’m Up To.

Well, as I said, Michigan is on a stay home stay safe order and as such am laid off. I’ve been hanging out on WoW (Email me your username and ill add you if you like,, playing with my kiddo, and chilling with my wife. I plan to listen to some Crypto Campfire Podcast this week and write for them, and hopefully pump out a few articles for BlogCoinz as well. If you have a story or video you want re-posted on BlogCoinz send me an email and we can make it happen! Ok everyone! Stay safe, wash your hands, face time your loved ones, and be awesome!