May 19, 2022


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My Life: A Quarantine Story

Figured with everything going on I would blog about life as things in this world have changed so much.


I use to wake up at 445 am everyday Monday – Friday for work. Now I get up at 7ish when my son wakes us up with the cutest “Good Morning” ever. My wife and I alternate who gets up and either she sleeps in or I do until 10 or so. I get my son a snack and drink and hang out on the couch until she is up. This is something that use to only be reserved for the weekends and is now normal life.

Clean Freak

My wife and I have been cleaning our house since we have been off and our house is starting to look really good. I actually want people over now and can’t actually invite anyone. Keeping it clean is also fairly easy with so much time for picking up and laundry. I have also been printing objects like wall mounts and shelves to help us organize things better.

Getting Paid

In the first two weeks, I was paid through my company. They wrongly thought they could use the Family First Act to pay us 80 hours but found out they were wrong. They still honored this however and my last check comes Friday from my company. After this, however, I will be on unemployment for the first time in my life at 31 years old. Luckily, the company I work for is paying for our benefits while we are layed off so I will still have insurance. The pay should be enough to keep us afloat until we go back to work. This is nice short term.

Play Time

Having a 3-year-old is the toughest part of this experience. For the first 2 weeks he wanted to go to the park, or the store, or the play place at McDonalds/Burger King. We told him we can not as people are sick. He finally understands this. Now he plays Plants vs Zombies with me on Xbox, we play outside on his playset. He LOVES to call his Gigi and facetime her (is on the phone with her right now lol). Sometimes, just to get out of the house, ill take him for a drive. We don’t do anything of course except maybe grab some drive-through or go to a self-service car wash but its more than enough for him to feel like he got out for a bit. I would LOVE to take him for a walk at a park but all the parks in our area have closed off play places and I don’t want to deal with that meltdown. He also does arts and crafts with my wife or plays games on his tablet. So far he is adjusting fairly well but I feel for him the most as he is harder to occupy.


Shopping is my only get out of the house card and I use it sparingly. I have been limiting my store trips to once or twice a week unless absolutely necessary. It’s so strange to go out and see people wearing masks and gloves (myself included, although no mask as I don’t have one). The shelves are bare in some areas and TP is limited to 1 4pack per person. I’m glad I grabbed that pack as we were getting low since I didn’t panic buy. Meats were hard to find at first but TP seems to be the only thing that has become a constant thing that is hard to get in bulk. I wish I could buy a bulk supply and not worry about TP but here we are.


When I am not cleaning or playing with the kiddo I am gaming. Mostly playing WoW (email me at if you want to link up) and checking out some games on Xbox game pass (add me if you like PwrNerd5000). I was lucky to have a friend gift me the latest expansion so I can play with them and it has been a blast so far. I haven’t played as much as I like with the friend who got it for me but we got some great sessions in so far and it been a great relief for my anxiety.

Never Thought…

I never thought we would ever see this kind of economic downturn in my lifetime. I never thought I would hunger for work. I miss work and social interaction. I miss seeing my folks and friends, but I am doing my part to flatten the curve and hopefully this will all be over soon.

Stay safe, stay healthy. Much love – Crypto J!