May 19, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Scam Alert

Hello all and welcome to another edition of scam alert. Today I am covering a scam that has made its way back into people’s emails. We know your password and caught you pleasuring yourself scam.

How It Works

You are sent an email with one of your passwords stating that they know your password and prove it. After showing you this password which is yours but may not be current they claim to have webcam footage of you pleasing yourself and in order for them to not send it to all of your contacts they want X amount of bitcoin.

This is of course bullshit. You may be thinking how in the hell do they know my password?

Well, the sad truth is many places store your password in plain text. Facebook was recently called out on this not that long ago and was part of a major breach. So, hackers will get these lists and sell them on the dark web. After which scammers will use this info to try and scare you into sending them money. DON’T!

How do I prevent this?

You really can’t but best practice is to change your password every so often. I suggest 3 months for secure accounts like banking, Paypal, stocks, and things of this nature and 6 months for everything else. Its also good practice to use different passwords for different things so if one password is compromised you don’t have to worry as much. You can also get a password manager like Last Pass (Not sponsored) to manage your passwords.

What do I do when I get a scam email like this?

The first step, if the password they showed you is in use, change it! It also wouldn’t be a bad call to change all your passwords just to be safe. After you have two options. You can waste some of the scammer’s time and troll them or just ignore it.

NEVER send money to someone who has CONTACTED YOU via Email, Phone, or Mail. Remember, Microsoft, Apple, Google, FBI, IRS, ECT are not going to call you and ask for money to fix an issue you are having. They have you call them… Except for the IRS example, they send a certified letter or show up at your door.

Be safe all. Much love – J