May 19, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Cryptosphere Update

Whats up my Blogcoiners! How we doing? A few things have happend over the last week so lets break it down.


Bitmex went down over the last week for maintenance causing people to claim the site was down for good. Some fake images of the domain being seized by the FBI have gone around but it was untrue. The site is currently up and running.

Satoshi? Is that you?

40 BTC was moved from a wallet made early in BTC existence making people wonder if it could of belonged to Satoshi himself. So far there is no evidence that it is his and is most likely an early miners reward stash. Well update if more news comes out of this.

Market update

Bitcoin has been stuck riding that channel between 9-10k since the last dip back to $8500. Bitcoin doesn’t seem to want to break that 10k mark. Today the market seems to be bleeding a bit but that could be a sign of an upcoming rise. Of course this could also mean its just starting to drop again or just going to ride that channel.


What have I been up to? Well, keeping my eye on the market mostly. With corona going around its been a slow news year for Bitcoin. I’m currently having lots of fun with my 3D printer and making videos on youtube. Please subscribe 🙂

Here is a promo video I made. Enjoy