December 2, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Great Sites

Exchanges: – A cryptocurrency exchange that allows the purchase of several different cryptocurrencies with the use of debit or checking transactions. Use our link and earn $10 of BTC when you purchase a total of $100 in crypto. – A cryptocurrency exchange that allows for the trade of multiple currencies vs BTC, ETH, and a few different stable coins. Binance also allows the purchase of crypto with the use of a credit card.

Cash App – Owned by Jack from Twitter. Cash App makes it easy to send cash to people and they also make it easy to buy Bitcoin, however, Bitcoin is all they offer currently. Use our link and get a free $5 when you send $5 or more.

RobinHood – Taking from the rich to give to the poor. Robinhood is a free trading platform for stocks and crypto. There is no fee to buy or sell and if you use our link we both get a random free stock!

Cash App – More of an on ramp to Bitcoin than a true exchange. You can buy and send Bitcoin or Fiat to anyone with Cash App or a BTC wallet.

Crypto Browsers:
Cryptotab Browser – This browser is chromium based and includes a built in browser miner that allows you to earn bitcoin while you browse.

Brave Browser: Brave is another chromium browser that allows you to tip creators in BAT while also earning BAT through various means.

HoneyMiner: A fun way to stack sats using your GPU/CPU. Works with most hardware but the better your equipment the better the results.

Great sites: – A good resource for sites that accept crypto as a means to gamble with. As always, gamble responsibly. – Another great resource for BTC Casinos. – Crypto News and opinion articles. – A great site that brings crypto and tech-related content and insight. – A great resource for blog articles, crypto information, and casino information. – Site for twitter personality Clint Westwood. Has useful links as well as links to his accounts and podcasts he has been on.

Awesome Podcasts:
Campfire Podcast – Hosted by Mitch and the Perfesser featuring new guests every episode and a quick segment by the Crypto Gent.

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